Urban Decay Palette, Boscia and Too Faced BB Cream

I got a little carried away when I went shopping! I considered it my No Poo reward, so yay!

I’ll start with Urban Decay. This post will be mostly about the Urban Decay Palette it’s self, as I certainly don’t have the skills to be trying to show other people how to do make-up, and it takes more then a few minutes out of the box to judge pretty much any kind of skincare product.

I’ve been lusting after this palette since it came out. (not that long ago, but several weeks at least) I don’t wear very much make-up in the way of eye shadows, liners, etc.  So I don’t need (or have) a lot of it. Urban Decay is a Cruelty Free company, they do not test their finished products on animals, they do not pay other people to do it for them.  They also make sure that all the raw materials they use to make their products have not been tested on animals.  Some of their products are Vegan, but not all.

(Disclaimer: I have zero professional photo equipment or skills)

The additional eye shadows I purchased.

Pretty packaging, they’ve done a lot of updating since the last time I purchased UD.

The lid is full of mirror, plus a view of the S&M and Roach shadows.

The new design makes it super easy to transfer to the palette, however this seems magnetic, so that it won’t just pop out when you don’t intend it to.

This is just a matter of pushing it into place, this is not magnetic, but rather just a snug fit. They are very secure though, and harder to pull out of the palette then it was to remove from its original case. (if there’s a special word for it, I haven’t learned it yet)

Will my older Urban Decay eyeshadows fit in the palette?

I have never done such a thing before. I tried a butter knife which was a mega fail because I accidentally dug a trench into the eye shadow when it slipped at one point. Then a pen, no go! Then a kitchen knife, which worked, but sharp blades are dangerous, be careful!

And it fits! Took a little bit more force, although I was careful not to apply so much force as I might damage the palette or the eye shadow. I can tell that I probably won’t be popping this one in and out at a whim, it would just be more effort than it’s worth.

Full size Boscia BB Cream, and a Deluxe sample of Too Faced BB cream. Both are oil free, and both have SPF. Boscia’s comes in a “self adjusting” tint, and Too Faced has several shades, unfortunately I didn’t have a choice in the shade and I took a gamble.

I will be using the Boscia for a few weeks and then posting a new blog about it.  The Too Faced may be too dark for me, if it is, perhaps I will give it away or something.