Boscia BB Cream, MyGlam Bag reviews?

Aaaah the Boscia BB Cream, I returned that promptly but postponed the update as I was dealing with a seriously grimy No Poo issue for a few weeks.

I couldn’t really get any good swatch photos of it.  Self adjusting my foot I’d say!

I’m pretty pale.  Not porcelain though, I’ve got freckles and a reddish tone. (or would it be considered pink?)  I did not experience any outright “Orange” but it did look like I’d just smeared self tanner all over my face.  And it would not blend. When I first applied it to my entire face, stopping at the jaw line (sometimes my neck is more sensitive to new things than my face) I had the dreaded line. I tried to blend it on down my neck, but it just wouldn’t. Where ever I tried to spread it, all I did was move the line.

And it sparkled.  A lot.  More like headed out to a night club body glitter than a Fresh faced daytime shimmer.  Setting powder did not diminish it, I don’t have a lot of experience with glittery makeup, the most dazzling I tend to go is a shimmer eye shadow, which setting power will tamp down a few notches if I want.

I also had a sample of Too Faced BB Cream, but it was too dark.  It was “Nude Glow” which is the 2nd darkest shade, and way too dark for me since I’d need their palest option “Vanilla Glow”

If the comparison helps, The Boscia BB Cream was as dark on me as the Nude Glow.    I don’t know if that means that it’s better suited for darker/tanned skin tones or what, none of the reviews I read specified a skin tone. It did get a better match on my arms than on my face. My arms are more tan than my face, I’m the queen of Uneven Tans. I always protect my face, neck, etc, but never my arms if I’m not actually intending on being outside for long, so over many years my arms are just a bit darker.  But I don’t think I’m jumping out on a limb here to say that if you’re pale, you should probably stay away from Boscia BB Cream.

I did exchange the Boscia for Too Faced in Vanilla glow and as far as color goes it matches perfectly.  I haven’t noticed any immediate ill effects, but I haven’t had a chance to use it much yet, as I was going nowhere with the grimy hair, and I don’t wear make up around the house.  A plus is that is has SPF, but doesn’t smell like sun block, and most SPF moisturizer I like still smell like sun block.   It does have a shimmer, but it’s more like the aforementioned Fresh Faced Daytime Shimmer, than like I dipped a powder puff in glitter and assaulted my face with it.  It’s actually not very noticeable, and I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m betting setting powder (which, in this hot weather especially, I always apply before going out, even if all I did was moisturize) would make it nearly non-existent.

In other Boscia news, I socked away 50 bucks so that as soon as the Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C becomes available again I can nab it.  I’ve been wanting to try it for so long! Every time I could afford it, it was out of stock, every time it became available, I wasn’t prepared to buy immediately and missed out again.  Looking forward to finally getting my hands on it!  I don’t know if there’s just limited quantities of it general, or if it’s just so awesome they can’t keep it stocked. It’s out of stock on Boscia’s own website as well!  Their hit or miss BB Cream hasn’t really affected my overall view of their other products. As a skin care line it’s excellent, they just seemed to drop the ball on something that’s kind of skin care as well as makeup.

Speaking of limited quantities, I’ve been getting MyGlam Bags for several months now. I started it when I was frustrated with my limited beauty fund, before I decided to go No Poo save on the hair care fund.  This next one is supposed to have 6 items! I may do a reveal type blog when I get it in a couple of weeks. There’s a wait list, so you should always sign up ahead of time if you’re thinking about it, I’m not sure if it’s too late to get in on the August bag.  If it is, then at least you’ll be in line for September! They always charge at the beginning of the month, and I did not get charged until I was officially “subscribed.” So the first month I got charged, I got that month’s bag.

I’m pretty pleased with the service in general.  I don’t always like every single thing that it’s in, but I get to try a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise!  They also seem to be starting more “either/or” products, (as in some people will get one thing, and some people will get a different thing) which I believe is random right now, but they’re working on making it a bit more tailored to people’s quiz profiles. Which is not easy I’m sure!

I dislike seeing people on their Facebook page get all grumpy about something.  It’s a grab bag, and you don’t get to pick what’s in it. I knew that when I signed up, so I’m not  going to be upset if I get a lip stain and I hate those, or I get a hair treatment that I’m not going to use, or a lipstick shade that doesn’t suite me.

I can give what I don’t like to friends who do.  I may not use the hair stuff but reading and researching ingredients (to check if it’s No Poo compatible) teaches me things. I don’t recall getting any hair product in a Glam Bag until just when I’d started thinking about going No Poo, go figure! A lipstick shade may not suit me, but I can still test how it wears, it’s consistency, etc and give myself a better idea of if I’d like to try a different shade of the same brand.  In July’s bag I got a bright yellow nail polish (it was either yellow or white for everyone)  I didn’t like wearing it, but I still got to see how the brand wore, how it applied, whether it chipped quickly, how opaque it was.  I’m not likely to use it on its own, but I could use it as an accent, or in marbling or something.

I did look into multiple similar services, Birch Box, Little Black Bag, etc.  I could only do one, and I like MyGlam the best, it seemed to have more of what I was looking for. So choose carefully if you can’t do more than one.  Something I just heard about a few days ago was My Conscious Box, I’m tempted, strongly tempted.  Even if I only do it for a few months before unsubscribing.  Knowing for sure now that we’re not going to re-enlist means even more than ever before we need to save, save, save, the transition out of the military is not a time to be under prepared financially!

Onward with life! Trying new things, getting ready for our next big adventure!