No Poo Heaven

My latest No Poo update, so wonderful!

Even though using boiled water didn’t help during my No Poo Disaster, I decided to give it a try from the get go when I started fresh. Such a world of difference!

Using boiled water (after it has cooled) is something recommended for those with hard water.   You boil the water, and add some BS, which will fizz up like you just dropped some seltzer in it.   I didn’t really measure how much water, somewhere between 3-4 quarts, and I added 1/3 of a cup of BS.  When the water was cool it was slick.  It might seem weird that I’m describing water as slick, because all water could technically be called slick. However if you try this, or have done it, you’ll see the difference.

I keep it in a gallon jug (which is now clearly marked that it’s not for drinking or to be given to the cats, haha!) So I made enough to last a while. When I was using filtered water in the beginning, I figured out fast that pouring ice-cold water on your head is not fun. A “duh” moment really, I was just so focused on all the No Poo details when I was doing it for the first time that the fact water from the fridge was going be very cold never even crossed my mind. After the first time I started filling up a jug to leave sit so I’d always have room temp water.

Because some sort of chemical reaction happened when I added the BS to the boiling water, I still add about the same of BS as I had been to the water before I wash my hair.  You want the BS to react with your hair, and I think it’s safe to assume that the BS added to the boiling water was good for the water, but no longer any use to my hair. I haven’t experienced any dryness or itchy scalp, so it seems that using the same amount is a good call.

I also changed up how I was doing the actual washing.  It’s essential to really scrub up, like the kind of scrubbing you get from a salon. I thought I had been doing it adequately, but I’m hesitant to blame all the build up on the water. Best to make sure that I’m really scrubbing up well enough, and rinsing thoroughly.

There’s no limpness, my hair is not heavy.  Interestingly, during my week of shampoo, I only washed my hair 3 times. The day I washed it to battle the build up, I washed it again the next day because it was still a little sticky.  It was perfectly clean after that, and I went 3+ days before excess oil became a problem.  And it was 3+ days before it needed another wash, which is when I switched back to BS/ACV.  Now I think using the L’Oreal Evercreme  Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner really did jump-start the process and make for an easy transition. So I think my previous need to wash at least every other day was more of a water/washing issue, rather than still transitioning.  3+ days is good enough for me, I’m okay with washing my hair twice a week.

Photo updates to come soon! Crossing my fingers that I’ve got it figured out this time.  I like my hair better when it’s amazing and fluffy rather than frumpy dumpy.  Who doesn’t?