Oh where to begin?

I wanted to do this because I’m no cookie cutter Navy Wife.  NAVY is not the major deciding factor in who I am and the life that I live.  Army Wives does not represent my life. I don’t watch sappy Nicholas Sparks movies or depressing military YouTube videos so that I can blubber like an idiot.

And most importantly, I feel, I don’t think that I’m better then the average “civilian” wife. I have no over inflated sense of entitlement, I don’t believe that we deserve more money or better benefits.  I think we happen to have a pretty sweet deal just the way it is, and I’m grateful for it because I know that many other hard working Americans are struggling right now.

I got the idea after a dear friend told me that I was the strongest military wife she knows, and it was an actual comparison to other military wives she has known. I don’t whine all the time when my husband is gone, I don’t constantly update my facebook with sappy songs, quotes, aforementioned YouTube videos. I live my life, and MY life does not revolve around my husband or the navy 24/7.

So, after much reflection (can I really do this? is this really something I can write about? will it be worth the effort?) here it is!  I’m doing this for myself, and for any fellow wives out there who may be more inline with my way of thinking then what the media hypes up as “typical.”  (I can’t be the only one right?)  Where it will go nobody knows!  I consider that I even started this an accomplishment.


Care to share your 2¢?

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