No Poo: Tweaking

Today’s Photos.  A few hours after a BS/ACV wash.

There is a small section that seems more oily than the rest, I’m thinking I may have just accidentally passed over that section, as it’s not an issue I’ve ever had so far.  We will see I guess! I’m not sure if it counts as “cheating”  but if I head out for any special reason this weekend I will likely just apply a little setting powder to the top later so that it doesn’t look so out-of-place (it’s a trick I learned from having bangs that would get stringy/oily faster than the rest of my hair)

Oh, and that Olive Oil nonsense, took 3 more washes to get it out.  Clearly I must have been doing something wrong, haha!

I switched to Apple Cider Vinegar a little sooner than I wanted to.  It seems fairly common for some people to have to tweak their process a bit, but I wanted to give it closer to 3 weeks before I made any big changes.  Unfortunately I ran out of white vinegar, and I just decided that it would be better if I just bought a giant jug of ACV rather than buying more white and having to buy more sooner.  I’m weird like that, disliking multiple shopping trips and things of that nature.

I initially wanted to wait until I was sure  my adjustment period was over, even though it’s not been very bad for me, so that I better knew what effects were being caused by my changes, rather than my hair still adjusting.

My hair wasn’t dry before I started, and hasn’t really been all that dry after I started, it’s definitely a tad more dry now.

I think that means I need to start dialing back on the Baking Soda.   I’ll give it a try next time and see what happens.  I have also been sticking to an every other day washing since my post about the greasy 3rd day, but I think it’s time to see what happens over a longer period of time again.

The heavy feelings is gone though, and I’m pretty sure now that it’s just gone, and not that I just got used to it. More reading also has me thinking that the “heaviness” I have been using to describe my hair might have actually been what other people are calling waxy.  Not sure really. My hair has never been in a state that I would describe as waxy, but it could just be that it was waxy and I just didn’t know that’s what was going on.

More reading, yes! I suspect that I will keep reading about No Poo, BS/ACV, and all sorts of various methods, various do’s and dont’s, researching, testing, etc.

Another update in a few days pre BS/ACV wash!


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