No Poo Update

One day shy of a week.  I’d say that it’s going pretty well.

I had been washing every other day.  Tonight it had been closer to 3 days.

First two photos are of my hair shortly after it’s finished drying (as opposed to a day or more after washing).  The next 3 are from today, just before I washed it again.  I apologize for the inconsistent lighting, as the 3 day photos were taken in my bathroom because I just barely remembered to document the status of my hair before washing again.

Also, this is my first time fiddling with the gallery.  I’m not sure I like it, we’ll see if I change my mind.

For 3 days, it did not seem very far off from I’m used to.  Either the heaviness is easing, or I’m just getting used to it, hard to say!

I have also continued on with some research.  I had all the how’s and some of the why’s . (I will not be citing sources here, I encourage you take anything about my No Poo endeavour as merely an anecdotal experience, and the facts as I currently understand them.  So I also encourage you to do your own research)

So, Why do I need to use vinegar?  Why do some people use apple cider vinegar?  Why is it permissible to use lime or lemon juice?  Why do many sources say that the vinegar is for counteracting the baking soda?

A lot of it has to do with the pH.  On the pH scale most people’s hair is in the middle..ish.  Baking soda is a base, vinegar or lime/lemon juice are acids.  While baking soda will raise the pH, the vinegar will lower it again.  Now I knew all that already except for the bit about my hair having a pH balance, and that balance being fairly important.  Apple cider vinegar is more acidic than white vinegar.  Lime and lemon juice are also more acidic (I believe).  So what I originally thought was largely due to preference, is a little more technical than that.  It probably still has a bit to do with preference, but more so the preference of how it affects the pH of your hair.

There are other reasons to use an acid after baking soda, I’m still a little confused on that topic though, so I will save that for another update.

I’m also experimenting with using olive oil for a moisturizer boost.  My hair is not overly dry from going No Poo, it’s just something I wanted to try out.  I tried it once before I started No Poo, and with shampoo I had no problem getting the oil out of my hair.  With BS/WV….not so much.  I think I will have to wash it again to get it out.  I know that this is something plenty of No Poo veterans do, but it seems I’m missing a step or something.

More No Poo updates to come!


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