My No Poo Disaster

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It’s been a few weeks since my last No Poo update. I wish I could say it was because things had been going well!

My last mention of No Poo I had said I would update in a few days to see how I tolerated going more than 48 hours without washing.  However I washed my hair again the day after because of some weird oily spot that was only in one spot. I had thought that perhaps I had not been thorough enough in the previous wash.  It was only a little improved.

(more inconsistent lighting, I really need put day light bulbs in my bathroom!) 

On 07/07 is when I said I’d wait a few days before washing. I washed the next day instead, and there is still some weird oily heaviness at the back of my head, despite making the extra effort to be thorough. You can see in the bottom left area especially, the stringy parting just under the top layer.

Despite the problem area, the rest of my scalp and hair is in excellent shape on 07/08, I had even started seeing more waves.

Before a wash on 07/11 my scaalp and roots are oily all over. Although not as bad as the first time I went 3+ days.

Also 07/11 pre wash. Hair is noticeably weighed down.  You can see the weirdness going on at the back of my head still. 

Despite another wash on 07/13, the area on the back of my head gets larger and worse, spreading down the length of my hair (and apparently not washing out) while the rest of my hair isn’t much affected.


on 07/20, it’s not the best photo ever, but even the top layer of hair is oily now. And tacky, sticky. Even just after a wash, it would not go away. 

At its worst on 07/24. My hair is dry here. It is stringy everywhere. Tacky everywhere. Heavy, limp, gross 😦


On 07/27 I decided to use actually shampoo to fix my hair. I had read a bit about using natural bristle brushes to ensure that you’re removing all the buildup from your hair. I don’t have such a thing (yet) so I found my husbands smallest toothed comb and had at it. That white stuff was coated in my hair! and when I actually looked at my regular hair brush, the tacky substance was also all up in that as well. Super gross! 😦


Now I did try to trouble shoot through out these weeks.  More BS, Less BS, More ACV, Less ACV. Lime juice, lemon juice, boiled water, spending longer to make absolutely sure I was thoroughly washing AND rinsing, ACV, Lime juice, Lemon juice rinses only. You name it, and I tried it.  I never washed my hair more than once a day during this process, and a lot of the time I still went every other day, which is why it got so bad before I finally bit the bullet and used shampoo.  No matter what I did it still steadily got worse and worse.

After double checking my Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner I used prior going No Poo to make sure it didn’t have any ‘cones (silicone, dimethicone, etc) I washed my hair with it.  There was so much build up in my hair that while it improved greatly, there was still a lot of stickiness at the scalp and roots.  I washed it again the next day, and there’s a lot less stickiness, but it’s still there.   I’m not sure whether or not this shampoo/conditioner has any silica based ingredients, I don’t know much about those yet.  I’ll continue to use it for at least a week probably though.

I think at least part of the problem was that I wasn’t adequately removing the buildup, but it was getting on my brush and I was also slowly spreading it all around. Why I was having problems with that one random area on the back of my head being especially oily I don’t know.  I threw away the brush.  I tried to clean it.  I pulled all the hair out (which I am admittedly lazy about doing in general) it was all coated in the white tacky waxy sticky stuff.  I washed it with hot soapy water.  I soaked it in straight ACV overnight.  I coated it with BS and sprayed with ACV.  Scrubbed it dry in between each attempt and there was still gunk on it.  It is forever cursed as far as I’m concerned!

So far I have read things like not washing  the BS out entirely will cause stickiness.  But then it comes down to the question of how could I not rinse it out well in just one small spot? (compared the rest of my head)  It started at the rear of the crown of my head. (is there a special word for that?)  Just that spot, below it on down to the hair-line was fine when  this started, but slowly spread down, and then started moving down the length of my hair and so on.  I still don’t have a definitive “I did ____ wrong, so in the future I’ll do _______.”  I don’t believe it was a “transition” problem either, mostly because of its localized nature.  And because just prior to this fiasco starting, my hair had gotten perfect.

I plan on ordering a sample or two of Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bars.  After I’ve used the Sulfate Free shampoo for about a week, (to make sure there’s absolutely no tacky residue left) I’ll go back to BS/ACV.  At the first sign of trouble I may see what a shampoo bar can do for me.  (trouble similar to what just happened, not any adjustment that may happen from having used shampoo/conditioner a few times, which I sort of doubt there will be) Otherwise I’ll continue the BS/ACV routine to see if it if this problem pops up again.  I’m also giving thought to investing in a natural bristled brush.  I need to read up on how you’d clean one first.  It seems like in the event of similar build up, it would be harder to clean even if I cleaned it more regularly.

I’m not concerned about the price of Shampoo Bars if I do switch.  At 7-8 dollars for a full bar should last several months,  possibly up to 6. As opposed to $12+ each for shampoo/conditioner at least once a month, usually the conditioner more often.  A box of Baking soda is $3 max, but I’m not sure how much I’d spend on it in the long run since I haven’t had the chance to use it consistently for a longer period of time, I think I would probably have to replace it sooner than 6 months for sure, unless I could settle into only washing my hair once a week.

Phew! Big update.

Small note on the Boscia BB Cream. I couldn’t use it, period.  I had to return it, that story is for a future update though!


Sulfate free does not mean Surfactant free

I recently went through a No Poo disaster. I kept up with taking the photos for the most part, up until this past week because there was a lot of traveling going on, on top of my hair not really changing.  Update coming on that soon.  I also need to do a little more research to try to figure out precisely why it happened in the first place.

I had been reading a little on shampoo bars and other No Poo methods beyond BS/ACV.  So I started looking around at the ingredients on certain products.

Lush shampoo bars ALL have SLS, for example.  Other things I looked at had ingredients that seemed very similar to SLS, like Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, and Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate.  Both are Surfactants, but are considered more gentle than Sulfates.

What does that mean? Well it depends on what you’re after. If you want to avoid detergents in your shampoo, something labeled “Sulfate free” likely isn’t going to cut it.  Sulfate free it will be, but it will probably have a less harsh detergent instead.  If you just want something more gentle, but not as “extreme” as going totally No Poo, then a Sulfate free shampoo is probably for you.

Of course there are Shampoo bars that are more natural, Chagrin Valley is one I’ve read a lot about. I may give them a try. Depends on what I find from trying to figure out my No Poo fiasco, if it was some sort of error on my part or just this method not turning out to be so ideal for me in the long-term.

Time for more research!  I love research if you hadn’t noticed, haha! I am not discouraged. There are many No Poo methods, what works for some, won’t work for others.  I don’t view having to possibly switch methods as a set back.


Urban Decay Palette, Boscia and Too Faced BB Cream

I got a little carried away when I went shopping! I considered it my No Poo reward, so yay!

I’ll start with Urban Decay. This post will be mostly about the Urban Decay Palette it’s self, as I certainly don’t have the skills to be trying to show other people how to do make-up, and it takes more then a few minutes out of the box to judge pretty much any kind of skincare product.

I’ve been lusting after this palette since it came out. (not that long ago, but several weeks at least) I don’t wear very much make-up in the way of eye shadows, liners, etc.  So I don’t need (or have) a lot of it. Urban Decay is a Cruelty Free company, they do not test their finished products on animals, they do not pay other people to do it for them.  They also make sure that all the raw materials they use to make their products have not been tested on animals.  Some of their products are Vegan, but not all.

(Disclaimer: I have zero professional photo equipment or skills)

The additional eye shadows I purchased.

Pretty packaging, they’ve done a lot of updating since the last time I purchased UD.

The lid is full of mirror, plus a view of the S&M and Roach shadows.

The new design makes it super easy to transfer to the palette, however this seems magnetic, so that it won’t just pop out when you don’t intend it to.

This is just a matter of pushing it into place, this is not magnetic, but rather just a snug fit. They are very secure though, and harder to pull out of the palette then it was to remove from its original case. (if there’s a special word for it, I haven’t learned it yet)

Will my older Urban Decay eyeshadows fit in the palette?

I have never done such a thing before. I tried a butter knife which was a mega fail because I accidentally dug a trench into the eye shadow when it slipped at one point. Then a pen, no go! Then a kitchen knife, which worked, but sharp blades are dangerous, be careful!

And it fits! Took a little bit more force, although I was careful not to apply so much force as I might damage the palette or the eye shadow. I can tell that I probably won’t be popping this one in and out at a whim, it would just be more effort than it’s worth.

Full size Boscia BB Cream, and a Deluxe sample of Too Faced BB cream. Both are oil free, and both have SPF. Boscia’s comes in a “self adjusting” tint, and Too Faced has several shades, unfortunately I didn’t have a choice in the shade and I took a gamble.

I will be using the Boscia for a few weeks and then posting a new blog about it.  The Too Faced may be too dark for me, if it is, perhaps I will give it away or something.

No Poo: Tweaking

Today’s Photos.  A few hours after a BS/ACV wash.

There is a small section that seems more oily than the rest, I’m thinking I may have just accidentally passed over that section, as it’s not an issue I’ve ever had so far.  We will see I guess! I’m not sure if it counts as “cheating”  but if I head out for any special reason this weekend I will likely just apply a little setting powder to the top later so that it doesn’t look so out-of-place (it’s a trick I learned from having bangs that would get stringy/oily faster than the rest of my hair)

Oh, and that Olive Oil nonsense, took 3 more washes to get it out.  Clearly I must have been doing something wrong, haha!

I switched to Apple Cider Vinegar a little sooner than I wanted to.  It seems fairly common for some people to have to tweak their process a bit, but I wanted to give it closer to 3 weeks before I made any big changes.  Unfortunately I ran out of white vinegar, and I just decided that it would be better if I just bought a giant jug of ACV rather than buying more white and having to buy more sooner.  I’m weird like that, disliking multiple shopping trips and things of that nature.

I initially wanted to wait until I was sure  my adjustment period was over, even though it’s not been very bad for me, so that I better knew what effects were being caused by my changes, rather than my hair still adjusting.

My hair wasn’t dry before I started, and hasn’t really been all that dry after I started, it’s definitely a tad more dry now.

I think that means I need to start dialing back on the Baking Soda.   I’ll give it a try next time and see what happens.  I have also been sticking to an every other day washing since my post about the greasy 3rd day, but I think it’s time to see what happens over a longer period of time again.

The heavy feelings is gone though, and I’m pretty sure now that it’s just gone, and not that I just got used to it. More reading also has me thinking that the “heaviness” I have been using to describe my hair might have actually been what other people are calling waxy.  Not sure really. My hair has never been in a state that I would describe as waxy, but it could just be that it was waxy and I just didn’t know that’s what was going on.

More reading, yes! I suspect that I will keep reading about No Poo, BS/ACV, and all sorts of various methods, various do’s and dont’s, researching, testing, etc.

Another update in a few days pre BS/ACV wash!

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

So in my first No Poo post I mentioned mostly I’m giving it a go to save a buck.

Boscia is my reason for wanting to save a buck. (Hey, I never claimed I was all crunchy) I have never found anything that works as well for me as Boscia does.  From cheap to expensive, from natural to strong chemicals.  This is perfect for me. But pricey.  I’ve tried a lot of things, from before I found Boscia, to when I get fed up with the prices and buy something less expensive, to when I’m in a financial pinch and flat-out can’t afford it.

You should have a look at it your self if you’re curious.  Always preservative free, lots of natural. I sort of consider it the best of both worlds.

Recently I used the last of my Luminizing Black Mask  and figured while I was at it I could formulate a small blog about it.

This specific product has no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances/dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosan.

It’s a mask, but you peel it off when you’re done!

I like to think of it as a pore strip for my entire face, that’s certainly how it feels!  The peeling is not exactly painless, it comes in varying degrees of what you experience if you’ve ever used a pore strip.  Boscia is generally suitable for sensitive skin, however if your skin is sensitive to peeling like this or is easily irritated by physical abrasion, this might not be something you want to try. I notice smoother skin, swelling and redness of breakouts is reduced.

I can’t wait to try their white mask! Next week sometime I’ll be picking up Boscia’s BB cream for the first time and I plan to blog about that as well, due to the fact that I read a lot of mixed reviews about it.

Other Boscia products I currently use are:

  • Detoxifying Black Cleanser
  • Willow Bark Break out Treatment
  • Clear Complexion Treatment

I don’t use their tonics because last I checked they still use sprays, and I’m not a fan of spraying myself in the face!   I would Love Love LOVE to get my hands on some Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C, but it’s one of their more expensive items, and every time I can afford it, they’re sold out/on back order.  I’m hoping the next time I’m alerted that it’s come into stock I’m able to afford to buy it straight away!

Giving up my pricey hair regimen to afford my pricey skin regimen? Worth it!  But believe me, if I ever found something less expensive that worked just as well for me, I’d switch in a heartbeat.

Please  also note, I’ve said “for me” a number of times in this post.  That’s because what works for me may not work for you.  What works for other people may not work for you.  On the flip side, just because some people say something doesn’t work at all, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.   If you have skin problems or concerns, there’s a lot of trial and error to be had.  I couldn’t say if this will be as equally awesome for you as it is for me, but if you try it and it doesn’t work out so well that doesn’t mean that I, or anyone else, is lying about personal experiences.

This end note is brought on by recently reading reviews on random things where several people gave glowing recommendations, and then one person who had a poor experience says something like “How much did you pay these people to write such nice  things?”  When it comes to skin care and beauty items, there are some people that it just won’t work well for or even work at all, sometimes something might even make your skin worse.   This does not negate the fact that many other people found it to be a great product for themselves.


No Poo Update

One day shy of a week.  I’d say that it’s going pretty well.

I had been washing every other day.  Tonight it had been closer to 3 days.

First two photos are of my hair shortly after it’s finished drying (as opposed to a day or more after washing).  The next 3 are from today, just before I washed it again.  I apologize for the inconsistent lighting, as the 3 day photos were taken in my bathroom because I just barely remembered to document the status of my hair before washing again.

Also, this is my first time fiddling with the gallery.  I’m not sure I like it, we’ll see if I change my mind.

For 3 days, it did not seem very far off from I’m used to.  Either the heaviness is easing, or I’m just getting used to it, hard to say!

I have also continued on with some research.  I had all the how’s and some of the why’s . (I will not be citing sources here, I encourage you take anything about my No Poo endeavour as merely an anecdotal experience, and the facts as I currently understand them.  So I also encourage you to do your own research)

So, Why do I need to use vinegar?  Why do some people use apple cider vinegar?  Why is it permissible to use lime or lemon juice?  Why do many sources say that the vinegar is for counteracting the baking soda?

A lot of it has to do with the pH.  On the pH scale most people’s hair is in the middle..ish.  Baking soda is a base, vinegar or lime/lemon juice are acids.  While baking soda will raise the pH, the vinegar will lower it again.  Now I knew all that already except for the bit about my hair having a pH balance, and that balance being fairly important.  Apple cider vinegar is more acidic than white vinegar.  Lime and lemon juice are also more acidic (I believe).  So what I originally thought was largely due to preference, is a little more technical than that.  It probably still has a bit to do with preference, but more so the preference of how it affects the pH of your hair.

There are other reasons to use an acid after baking soda, I’m still a little confused on that topic though, so I will save that for another update.

I’m also experimenting with using olive oil for a moisturizer boost.  My hair is not overly dry from going No Poo, it’s just something I wanted to try out.  I tried it once before I started No Poo, and with shampoo I had no problem getting the oil out of my hair.  With BS/WV….not so much.  I think I will have to wash it again to get it out.  I know that this is something plenty of No Poo veterans do, but it seems I’m missing a step or something.

More No Poo updates to come!