No shame. Just love. WARNING ** EXPLICIT**

No shame. Just love. (some pictures are nude/semi nude. Some pictures are definitely NSFW)

I saw a heads up about this website.  It’s about  acceptance.  Many women (and men) feel insecure about their appearance.  From the website:

“We are here to share who we are. Our strengths and weaknesses. To inspire and teach. To open minds and change views. To show that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders.”

It’s a mantra of mine to Share and spread the love.


Also recently on my radar was this site (equal risk of encountering photos that are NSFW)

The point of My Body Gallery is put in your specifications, and then see photos other people have uploaded and say are the same height/weight/size. The general consensus is that we judge ourselves more harshly then others.  And while you might look at your self in the mirror and feel like a big fat cow, when you see someone of comparable build, you don’t typically see them so negatively.

I have struggled with accepting my appearance for years.  Even as a fresh young teenager who was conventionally skinny, I just thought I was fat. I also have Amblyopia, and one side of my face is flatter than the other. On top of my anxieties which made me much more self-conscious and certain that other people were constantly judging me. 

Now as a 23 year old, no longer conventionally skinny (more like, conventionally over weight, lol) My amblyopia is  worse, half of my face is still flatter then other.  I look back to my teenage years just WISHING I could have seen how really good I had it.  If I hadn’t had such self-esteem problems, I probably wouldn’t have gained so much weight.

But now, I love my self! I know I’m beautiful, and attractive.  My features make me unique.  I am focusing on losing weight, but only for health reasons.  I am happy with the way I look.  I’ve embraced it.  I learned to listen to all the people who always told me I was cute, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous.

Unfortunately I don’t have any real tips on how you can learn to love your self. It’s a different journey for everyone. And a while I can support my friends on the journey, it really is a lonely road, because at the end of the day you have to find it inside yourself.

Believe that YOU ARE a wonderfully beautiful person, inside and out!


Care to share your 2¢?

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